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This website offers a broad selection of monthly Dark Star blogs, articles, art, books and reviews by Andy Lloyd, all under one roof. 

Andy is best known for his long-standing research into the existence of Planet X.  He has had 4 books published on the subject, and his 'Dark Star Theory' website has taken over 1 million hits.  His latest non-fiction title 'Darker Stars' is now available in paperback and on Kindle. 

Andy lives and works in Gloucestershire, England as a qualified science tutor, artist and muralist.






Dark Star Blog

Dark Star Blog May-July 2021 - UFO Disclosure

Dark Star Blog February-March 2021 - Sitchin's Habitable Moons

Dark Star Blog January 2021 - Planet Nine's Fifth Birthday

Dark Star Blog July-Dec 2020 - Leaked Report reveals Proxima Centauri 'signal'

Dark Star Blog Apr-Jun 2020 - Stellar 'Bat Wings'

Dark Star Blog January-March 2020 - 139 New TNOs Boost Planet Nine Search

Dark Star Blog Nov-Dec 2019 - Planet Nine May Lurk In TESS Images

Dark Star Blog Aug-Oct 2019 - Jupiter's Early Cataclysm

Dark Star Blog July 2019 - Sub-Neptune Planets Discovered

Dark Star Blog June 2019 - Life in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres?

Dark Star Blog May 2019 - Searching for an Occult Planet

Dark Star Blog April 2019 - Planet X Doomsday

Dark Star Blog March 2019 - Super-Earth Planet Nine Just Got Closer

Dark Star Blog February 2019 - 'Darker Stars' Now Available!

Dark Star Blog January 2019 - Planet Nine - 3 Years on

Dark Star Blog December 2018 - New Cometary Planets

Dark Star Blog November 2018 - Has the Clovis Comet been Found?

Dark Star Blog October 2018 - A Goblin Points to Presence of Planet X

Dark Star Blog September 2018 - Life Possible on Water Worlds After All

Dark Star Blog August 2018 - The Moon's Bombardment and Volcanism Combo

Dark Star Blog July 2018 - Early Stellar Flyby Simulation

Dark Star Blog June 2018 - Space Grease and Interstellar Objects

Dark Star Blog May 2018 - Planet Nine and Mediaeval Comets

Dark Star Blog April 2018 - Oxygen production on a Comet

Dark Star Blog March 2018 - New Simulations Point to Oort Cloud Disturbance

Dark Star Blog February 2018 - Planets vs Brown Dwarfs

Dark Star Blog January 2018 - New Search for sub-Brown Dwarfs Planned

Dark Star Blog December 2017 - Return of the Pioneer Anomaly

Dark Star Blog November 2017 - Jupiter's Internal Powerhouse and Ultracool Dwarfs

Dark Star Blog October 2017 - An Emissary from Planet X?

Dark Star Blog September 2017 - A Hot Jupiter as Dark as Asphalt

Dark Star Blog August 2017 - August: The Traditional Planet X Silly Season

Dark Star Blog July 2017- Planet Nine: Are They Digging in the Wrong Place?

Dark Star Blog June 2017 - The Sun was Born with a Companion

Dark Star Blog May 2017  - Caves of the 'Star Man'

Dark Star Blog April 2017 - Photosynthesis and the Dark Star

Dark Star Blog March 2017 - More Dark Stars than Stars in Milky Way

Dark Star Blog February 2017 - Seven Planets Found in Red Dwarf System

Dark Star Blog January 2017 - Zecharia Sitchin and Cuneiform Script

Dark Star Blog December 2016 - Life in the Clouds

Dark Star Blog November 2016 - Variable Accretion of Stars

Dark Star Blog October 2016 - Hillary Clinton, Her Campaign Manager and Nibiru

Dark Star Blog September 2016 - Three New Objects Extend Hunt for Planet X

Dark Star Blog August 2016 - On Proxima b

Dark Star Blog July 2016 - Interstellar Planet Formation

Dark Star Blog June 2016 - Dust in the Winged

Dark Star Blog May 2016 - Nibiru and the Younger Dryas Boundary

Dark Star Blog April 2016 - Haystack Latest: The Hunt for Planet Nine Goes On...

Dark Star Blog March 2016 -  More Evidence for Planet Nine

Dark Star Blog February 2016 -  The Shroud Hypothesis as a Dark Star Solution

Dark Star Blog January 2016 -  'Planet Nine'

Dark Star Blog December 2015 - Astronomers Claim Double Discovery of Planet X

Dark Star Blog November 2015 - Earth's Primordial Waters

Dark Star Blog October 2015 - Nemesis May be on the Way Back

Dark Star Blog September 2015 - The Origin of the Extended Scattered Disk

Dark Star Blog August 2015 - Massive Aurora Discovered on Exo-Brown Dwarf

Dark Star Blog July 2015  - Puzzling Pluto Reveals its Secrets

Dark Star Blog June 2015  - The 'Oort Star' Pops Up Again

Dark Star Blog May 2015 - Earth Collision Fragments Found in Asteroid Belt

Dark Star Blog April 2015 - The Curious Waters of Mars

Dark Star Blog March 2015 - The Implications of Mars' Chaotic Tilt

Dark Star Blog February 2015 - Stars Transit Oort Cloud 70,000 years ago

Dark Star Blog January 2015 - The Shroud Hypothesis

Dark Star Blog December 2014 - The Asteroid/Comet Identity Crisis

Dark Star Blog November 2014 - The Mystery of Comet 67P

Dark Star Blog October 2014 - The Departure of Sin

Dark Star Blog September 2014 - Secrecy Surrounding the 1983 IRAS Discovery

Dark Star Blog August 2014 - Planet X in 2017?

Dark Star Blog July 2014 - Two Suns Once Again

Dark Star Blog June 2014 - The Kozai Effect and our Haunted Solar System

Dark Star Blog May 2014 - Moon Was Knocked onto its Side

Dark Star Blog April 2014 - New Object in Outer Solar System Hints at Planet X

Dark Star Blog March 2014 - WISE Fails to Find Dark Star

Dark Star Blog February 2014 - A Red Brown Dwarf

Dark Star Blog January 2014 - Star Trek goes to Nibiru

Dark Star Blog December 2013 - A Personal Tribute to Lloyd Pye

Dark Star Blog November 2013 - Astrological Clock at Chartres Cathedral

Dark Star Blog October 2013 - Watery Destruction

Dark Star Blog September 2013 - Life Started on Mars?

Dark Star Blog August 2013 - Jupiter-like exoplanet challenges planetary formation

Dark Star Blog July 2013 - NASA's ENLIL Program

Dark Star Blog June 2013 - Nibiru Trojans

Dark Star Blog May 2013 - Dark Star Symbolism

Dark Star Blog April 2013 - Golden Nanobots


Dark Star Books

'Darker Stars'

'The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence'

'Ezekiel One' 

'The Followers of Horus' 


"Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory"


Dark Star Science

The Original Dark Star Article 01

The Astronomical Case 02

Is Anyone Even Looking? 03

Dark Star Archive 2006-7 04

Andy Lloyd 

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Dark Star News

Dark Star News Archive 2012-14

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Planet X Before and After 2012

Brown Dwarfs (ds3)

Detection Techniques.  Pioneer and Voyager (ds4)

Nibiru, Carl Sagan and Voyager 1 (ds5)

The Los Alamos  Computer Simulations (ds13)

KBOs and Orbital Resonance.  Ice Ages (ds22)

Water and Earth's Orbital Change

The Great Water Conundrum 2

The Dark Star and Mass Extinctions

Sedna: The Tenth Planet

New Speculation about Nibiru's Orbit

The Hobbits and the Dark Star

Tsunamis and The Flood

Distant Dark Stars

The Heliopause

Xena, The New Warrior Planet!

The Tiniest Star

Hunt for Planet X

Our Binary System

Is this Nibiru?  Candidate object from IRAS database

Solar Storms and 2012

How the Moon was Created

Dark Star Notes from "The Master Game"


Dark Star Esoteric

The Dark Star and Alchemy (ds19)

Aphelion in 1881and Freemasonry (ds20)

The Red King and the Rubedo (ds21)

The Dark Satellite

'The Lord of the Rings' Symbolism

The Kundalini Serpent

Nibiru at Chartres Cathedral, France

The Rosy Cross

The Grateful Dead's "Dark Star"

Dark Star Alchemy 1

Dark Star Alchemy 2

The Star and the Phoenix (ds6)

The Duat and Nibiru's perihelion (ds7)

Nibiru and the 'Red' Sirius Anomaly (ds8)

The Hebrew Messianic Myth (ds14)

Nibiru and the Dead Sea Scrolls

'Dark Star' in Bible Code!

The Talisman of Orpheus (ds9)

Nibiruan symbols (ds17)

Nibiruan Amulets from Roman Era (ds18)

The Meaning of the Amulets (ds18a)

Roman Antiquities

Roman Antiquities 2

British Museum Evidence

The Original Dark Star Theory Paper (ds1)

Attaining Immortality & the Pyramids (ds10)

Pagan and Christian Astral Ascent.  The Second Coming (ds11)

The Nommo Star.  Origin of the Anunnaki (ds12)

The Book of Revelation (ds15)

The Timing of Nibiru (ds16)

The 'True Sun' of the Incas Part 1

The 'True Sun' of the Incas Part 2

Myths and Symbols


Miscellaneous Essays

Planet X Video and 'Waiting for the Apocalypse'

Planet X in 2003 (Not!), and the strange case of Valery Uvarov

Moon Hoax, and Harry Truman's Diary

Columbia and the BAe Bail-out

Harry Potter and the Tale of Gloucester

Obituary: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton

Mexican UFOs: Article by Andy Lloyd

The Plymouth UFO

Gloucestershire UFOs

Ground marks in South Wales

'Starchild' A Painting by Andy Lloyd


'The Nefilim' Synopsis by Monika Myers

Mrs DarkStar's Xmas Message

Sagittarius and the S.P.T.

Doctor Who

The Tale of Mrs DarkStar and Premier Parking

"The Scientist’s Search for the Soul"  An essay by Simon Ralli Robinson

A Vision of the Dark Star

The Disunion Jack


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Ghost Hunting

Andy's House and other Haunted Places

Gloucester Ghosts

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A Haunting in Westgate Street

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Hallowee'en Ghost Hunt Photos

Ghostly Encounter in Winchcombe 1

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Prestbury Ghosts: Live

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Readers' Orbs

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The Ghost of Rowton Castle


Book Reviews

Alphabetical Listings by Author and Title

Listed reverse chronologically, most recent first:

'Aliens in my Garden' by Jude Gwynaire

'The Archetype of the Number and its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology' by Alain Negre

'The New Genesis' by Wojciech K. Kulczyk

'A Deed Without a Name' by Lee Morgan

'The Slenderman Mysteries' by Nick Redfern

'Witchcraft into the Wilds' by Rachel Patterson

'The Gods Never Left Us' by Erich von Däniken

'Conscious Ink' by Lisa Barretta

'The Ghost Studies' by Brandon Massullo

'Traditional Witchcraft and the Path to the Mysteries' by Mélusine Draco

'Reclaiming Civilization' by Brendan Myers

'Ontogenesis' by John Evan Garvey

'A Call from Heaven' by Josie Varga

'Rain Drops of Love for a Thirsty World' by LIFE, as shared with Eileen Workman

'Immortality of the Gods' by Nick Redfern

'Ancient Giants of the Americas' by Xaviant Haze

'The Sagan Conspiracy' by Donald Zygutis

'The Circle of Initiates, Past and Present' by Klaire D. Roy

'Fact, Fiction and Flying Saucers' by Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden

'The Haunting of Asylum 49' by Richard Estep and Cami Andersen

'The Children of Roswell' by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt

'The World's Most Haunted Hospitals' by Richard Estep

"The Aztec UFO Incident" by Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey and Frank Thayer

'How to Talk to an Alien' by Nancy Du Tertre

'Jubilee Year' by Gerard O'Neill

'Bloodline of the Gods' by Nick Redfern

'The Haunted House Diaries' by William J. Hall

'Grendel's Mother' by Susan Signe Morrison

'The Oneness Blessing' by Paula Rosenfeld

'Between Now and When' by Richard House MD

'The Alchemy of Self Healing' by Jeannine Wiest

'Mind Wars' by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

'The Andreasson Affair' by Raymond Fowler

'The Power of Chakras' By Susan Shumsky

'Sky People' by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

'Capital in the 21st Century' by Thomas Piketty

'Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions' by Louis Proud

'Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon' by Robert Salas

'It was a Dark and Creepy Night' by Joshua P. Warren with Andrea Saarkoppel

'Lost Secrets of the Gods' edited by Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

'Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind' by Nick Redfern

'UFOs: God's Chariots?' by Ted Peters

'Viral Mythology' by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

'Dragonflame' by Lawren Leo

'Remnants of the Gods' by Erich von Däniken

'The Lost Colonies of Ancient America' by Frank Joseph

'For Nobody's Eyes Only' by Nick Redfern

'The Exodus Reality' by Scott Alan Roberts and John Richard Ward

'Inside the Real Area 51' by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt

'On The Edge of Reality' by Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews

'The Awakening Artist' by Patrick Howe

'Set Your Phaser to Stun' by Steve Pearse

'Ancient Treasures' by Brian Haughton

'Monster Files' by Nick Redfern

'Open Your Heart to the Magic of Love' by Lester Sauvage

'The Alien Abduction Files' by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner

'Instant Healing' By Susan Shumsky

'The Secret History of the Reptilians' by Scott Alan Roberts

'Your Ultimate Life Plan' by Jennifer Howard

'The UFO Singularity' by Micah Hanks

'Life in the Universe' by Marshall Vian Summers

'Sustainable Wellness' by Matt Mumber and Heather Reed

'We are not Alone in the Universe' by Konrad Kulczyk

'Evidence of the Gods' by Erich von Däniken

'The Lost Civilization Enigma' by Philip Coppens

'American Vampires' by Bob Curran

'Mirror of the Free' by Nicholas Swift

'The World's Weirdest Places' by Nick Redfern

'A Haunted Mind' by Bob Curran

'Aliens in Celtic History and Legend' by Melissa Westwind

'This Book is From the Future' by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman

'The Pyramids and the Pentagon' by Nick Redfern

'The Unfoldment' By Neil Kramer

'A.D. After Disclosure' By Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel

'The Book of Transformation' by Lisa Barretta

'The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology' by James A. O'Kon

'Activate Joy' by AlixSandra Parness

'The Lost Worlds of Ancient America' edited by Frank Joseph

'Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past' edited by Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

'Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore' by Mélusine Draco

'Keep Out!' by Nick Redfern

'Temples of the African Gods' by Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine

'The Ancient Alien Question' by Philip Coppens

'Alien Interface' By Mike Oram and Fran Pickering

'The Universe Speaks' By Roar Sheppard & Marlin

'Ghosts, Spirits & Hauntings' Ed. Michael Pye & Kirsten Dalley

'The World's Creepiest Places' by Bob Curran

'Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories' by Jim Harold

'Destiny vs. Choice' by Marie D. Jones

'The Master Game' by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval

'The Path of Energy' by Synthia Andrews

'Flying Saucers over the White House' by Colin Bennett

'UFOs and Aliens' edited By Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

'The Real Men in Black' by Nick Redfern

'The Mushroom Club' By Wayne Sekulic

'The Three Dangerous Magi' by P. T. Mistlberger

'Delusion' By Philip Gardiner

'Alien Mind' by George Lobuono

'An Enlightened Philosophy' by Geoff Crocker

'Man-Made Monsters' by Bob Curran

'The Choice' by Mike Bara

'UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message' by Richard Lawrence

'Nostradamus, Bibliomancer' by Peter Lemesurier

'Making Your Wisdom Come Alive' by Michael Gluckman

'Twilight of the Gods' by Erich von Däniken

'Manual for Living: Reality' by Seth David Chernoff

'Markawasi' by Kathy Doore

'The Yahweh Encounters' by Ann Madden Jones

'Science was Wrong' By Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Martin

'Déjà Vu Enigma, The' by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

'There Were Giants Upon the Earth' by Zecharia Sitchin

'Crash: When UFOs Fall from the Sky" by Kevin Randles

'The Purpose-Guided Universe' by Bernard Haisch

'Happiness Genes' by James D. Baird and Laurie Nadel

'History's Mysteries' by Brian Haughton

'Granny Boo' by Phil Whitley

'Contactees' by Nick Redfern

'Cosmic Conversations' by Stephan Martin

'The Resonance Key' by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

'The Martianz Trilogy' by Zurishaddai

'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown

'Mind Reader' by Steve Godofsky

'Werewolves' by Dr. Bob Curran

'History is Wrong' by Erich von Däniken

'2012 - Biography of a Time Traveler' by Stephanie South

'The Alien Deception' by Nigel Watson

'Witness to Roswell' by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt

'Proof of Extraterrestrial Intelligence' by J E Oglesby'

'Seven Mountains and the Red Star' by Al Cornette

'It wasn't me' by Chris Addison

'Dogged Days' by Ellis C. Taylor

'Above Top Secret' by Jim Marrs

'The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing' by Richard Dawkins

'The Roswell Legacy' by Jesse Marcel Jr. and Linda Marcel

'UFOs and Nukes' by Robert Hastings

'2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning' by Marie D. Jones

'Haunted Spaces, Sacred Places' by Brian Haughton

'Flying Saucers and Science' by Stanton T. Friedman

'The Allies of Humanity: Book One' by Marshall Vian Summers

'The United Symbolism of America' by Robert Hieronimus

'Hidden Secrets of "Many, but One"' by Donald Ryles

'The Way of the Explorer' Revised Ed by Dr Edgar Mitchell with Dwight Williams

'The Star of the Magi' by Courtney Roberts

'Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms' by Dr Bob Curran

'Does it Rain in Other Dimensions?' by Mike Oram

'Captured!' by Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden

'Psi Spies' by Jim Marrs

'The End of Days' by Zecharia Sitchin

'The Starchild Skull' by Lloyd Pye

'The Last Bastion' by Ralph Harvey

'In These Signs Conquer' by Ellis C. Taylor

'Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide' by van der Worp, Masters & Manning'

'Alien Rock' by Michael C. Luckman

'Need to Know' by Timothy Good

'Out of Place in Time and Space' by Lamont Wood

'Osiris, Isis and Planet X. Chasing the Centuries' by Rob Solàrion

'The Planets' by Dava Sobel

'The Alchemists of Barbal'  by David Clement-Davies

'Spirals: The Pattern of Existence' by Geoff Ward

'Think and Grow Rich' by Napolean Hill

'Keechie' by Phil Whitley

'Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell

'Encyclopedia of Haunted Places' edited by Jeff Belanger

'Yesterday's Children' by Jenny Cockell

'The Song of the Greys' by Nigel Kerner

'Living in the Matrix' by Ellis C. Taylor

'Cracks in the Great Wall' by Charles Upton

'Beyond the Rainbow' by Judy Kennedy

'Countdown to Oblivion' by D. J. Haskell

'The Yogi Footballer' by Simon Ralli Robinson

'Zombies: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead' by Bob Curran

'Carrots, Elves and Aliens' by John Francis Callaghan

'Wild Things' by Reg Presley'

'The Lost Book of Enki' by Zecharia Sitchin


Other Reviews

'The Great Year DVD' by Walter Cruttenden

'UFOs: The Secret Evidence'

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)


 Lectures and Conference Reviews

Derek Acorah: Lecture and Book Review

Jean Kelford, Medium: Lecture Review

Radio Gloucestershire's Weird West Feature

Andy's review of the Planet X Conferences in Rome 2009 and 2012

School Powerpoint Presentation on Planet X 2011

Worcester Paranormal Conferences 2006 & 2012

Reg Presley  August 2003

Lloyd Pye  March 2003


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